Thank you for taking the time to visit WWW.DARKSPEECHDECODER.NET and WWW.DARKSPEECHDECODER.COM dedicated to exposing satan and giving all the glory back to the Father Yahuah the Most High God all in the name of Yahushuah Ben David (Jesus Christ). 

I'm "Johnny Galvan" otherwise known as LostReality33 here on the internet, and I call myself an Ultrasonic Reverse Speech Analyst AKA a Dark Speech Decoder; I ultrasonically download, decode and expose the Dark Speech that the FALLEN, "satan," the Darkrypticists, have encoded reversed in all these different avenues of media bombardment on Mankind here on this Earth. The mainstream radio/Hollywood music programming on the public actually happens to be one of the largest and most pervasive methods of mass mind-control in history (next to Television Programming) and it has taken captive the minds of countless millions of people, all the while it is truly moulding mankind to subconsciously accept the coming Mark of the Beast 666 and New World Order along with several false flag events and also this MAIN ENDGAME EVENT which I cover extensively on this site. This is the ultimate form of revelation; we are literally being sung to about what is going to happen to and in the world, in the future, the hidden Illuminati New World Order agenda, their secrets, the attack plans, right in our ears every day when we listen to our favorite musicians play our favorite songs, and yet we don't even know it because it is all in reverse, where the data is subconsciously placed in your mind. The thing is, you just have to dial-in to the reverse and unlock the information, and I stress the point that in order to qualify as an Ultrasonic Reverse Speech Analyst AKA a Dark Speech Decoder, you'll need the KEY to DECODING THE DARK SPEECH. By showing you all what's going on, I'm merely reminding you all of what you already "knew."

Outside of attaining some form of Angelic Revelation of the non-fallen variety, we as Members of Mankind wouldn't be able to know for certain at all whether ANY particular artist/musician has written ANY of the music/lyrics they perform; for all intents and purposes the music and lyrics are coming from satan, they are coming from the fallen angels, the Dark Side, and are NOT being created by man, only performed by and through man, and so we cannot or rather should not "blame" the artists/musicians "personally" for the Dark Speech coming through them reversed, for instance, with a pre-9/11 Dark Speech 9/11 encode for the Twin Tower destruction, as if they knew personally it would happen, even though we truly don't know they DIDN'T know all about it, though I believe that some of them did. The most blame they can take is that they acted as the conduits by which the Dark Speech was made manifest in the world and so they can definitely be blamed as the vessels for the spells; they are the spell casters in this regard, the vocalists invoking these words, which were no doubt written down somewhere, already spelled out, and I wonder, just how many of them even know what's being done in reverse ? Do any of them even know of the term itself, Dark Speech

...Chicago: Marked for "MARCH" Destruction...


I wasn't always this way, consumed with the passion to discover the secrets of what we call this reality, but I've always been pretty curious. I'd been an atheist, antichrist, a satanist, but the more I continued to research the Illuminati New World Order, the more that it always seemed to come back to Yah (God) and Yahushuah (Jesus) and through my favorite website WWW.GODLIKEPRODUCTIONS.COM, I learned about this woman named Sherry Shriner (RIP). This was back in 2011. To really set the stage of the story, I first found out about GLP when I had gotten tipped off by this inner-warning circulating through the City of Chicago (for those in-the-know) that we had better have a preparedness plan with regard to the New Madrid Seismic Zone because, the warning was, that the fault line will give and a Catastrophic Event will be sure to erupt and damage the USA to such an extent that Continuity of Government Operations will be enacted which includes the splitting up of the USA into 10 District FEMA Regions, of which Chicago falls under FEMA Region V

I'd already seen the Zeitgeist film (the original unedited version) when I was 14 years old, summer going into freshman year, and so I'd also already been up to speed on the FEMA CAMPS information by the time I learned of this FEMA NMSZ warning. So the info sent me on an online journey to discover more about this New Madrid Seismic Zone and just exactly what it meant for Chicago, IL. Right away I discovered GLP and at first I didn't realize how important it was because I wasn't looking for forums, (I had never been to an internet forum before) I was looking for articles. Fortunately I had gone to a high-tech institute and GLP wasn't blocked so I got to spend a lot of time researching REAL information while stuck being indoctrinated with propaganda filth at school. 


As far as the "CHICAGO-SPECIFIC MARCH DESTRUCTION" goes, it is definitely BEING WARNED about, but I had already long considered that the information was propaganda directed against me to get me to make a hasty life decision to leave home. MARCH is actually their HOT MONTH for World War 3 as well, and the MARCH DATES I have found include: 03/03, 03/07, 03/09, 03/12, 03/17, 03/22, 03/29 & 03/30. This is why I ask you all to pray to Father YAHUAH in Yahushuah's name that the Big Ben, Parliament, London, do not see this fated missile/terrorist attack UNTIL SUMMER, their DEADLINE. 

The EYE graphic you see displayed behind this text that I use in my videos, online and on this site was NOT created by me; it was created by the FALLEN that, along with the secret society networks established which operate behind the scenes of all politics, newsmedia, financial sectors, ETC, relish in RUBBING REVERSE SPEECH INFORMATION IN YOUR FACE and this is no different. They know full well that if you were to JUST REVERSE THEM you would DISCOVER what they have planned. This graphic, I've found, was actually used as a gigantic banner in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Well it was made on purpose, and it was made for me, knowing I'd be showing you all how the devil works in reverse, shining light on the Dark Speech

From what I've been able to gather so far in reverse of the Dark Speech, Chicago gets destroyed in March but the cause is never mentioned. Having already been given the warning about the NMSZ taking it out, and hearing others over the years, including Dave Eager & Sherry Shriner, mention that this MEGA-QUAKE is GOING to come and that Chicago WILL be destroyed, and that the New Madrid Fault Line IS going to blow, well I can only with the most assured mind state that Chicago is NOT the place to be at all right about now, and going into the future; it's best to just leave even if you think the REVERSE warnings are bunk anyway...this City is done when it all breaks loose... This Catastrophe is not an "IF," it is a "WHEN."

It's a long story and I aim to cover it when I can, sometime later, but Sherry Shriner, in reverse of her final youtube videos, she's mentioning how whatever was supposed to happen for "the end of March" was "prevented," and that when you search the Devil, you "use the uppercut." So it's possible that their MARCH dates are completely done away with. We should still be sure to pray against it. 

As of writing it is nearing MAY-DAY and it is quite obvious that nothing happened in March, much less the destruction of Chicago, IL! This was SATAN'S BLUFF, and I called it. Satan was giving out this false "MARCH CHICAGO DESTRUCTION" propaganda to attempt to scare me into leaving, and he was using Lady Bellfire of WWW.BELLFIRETALKRADIO.COM as the person that I should seek shelter with, to go "see Bella." We discussed this and I have made it public for you all to see, and there are more instances in which Bella herself is being mentioned. The Devil knew we would know each other here like this.  


Chicago is known in reverse as the "HOME OF THE DARK SPEECH." Below is some of my novice spelling. I've been covering more on the QUEEN B the DARK/GREY ESOTERIC GODDESS involved w/the Dark Speech Revelations the MONSTER TALK. Her most esoteric title is MS. SPELL (MISSPELL)  By revelation its been revealed her name is AZURA who Dave Eager of Out of Darkness, Into the Light refers to as the "COSMIC SPOILED BRAT" who "RUNS THE SHOW..BEHIND THE SCENES..A SECRET MATRIARCHY THAT RULES THE ILLUMINATI"