Dark Speech- The Mystery of Our Time

It's something from another realm entirely

Dark Speak or Dark Speech are terms which have been revealed to me reversed while I'd been "Searching the Devil," yet another term revealed to me reversed. "Searching the Devil" refers to the very act of reversing this satanic media to find out what's being encoded, while Dark Speech/Dark Speak refers to the esoteric undertow of communication transfer of satanic reversed messages encoded by, as revealed reversed, Darkypticists

Not much more can be said about them, where they're located, or how the Dark Speak/Dark Speech becomes encoded, the process involved, ETC, but there's been a bit revealed reversed about the Dark Speech that's been shown on my channel already. In the future I aim to cover some of the more negative and diabolical views surrounding how the Dark Speak/Dark Speech is used and even the following I would like to expound upon more at a later time, but from what we can already easily understand, the act of singing something is vocalizing words/phonetics which contain certain vibratory frequencies that affect the world around us. Well the Dark Speak/Dark Speech are power-spells that have been invoked and cast upon this world through the mainstream radio Hollywood music, movies, video games, and other such media that is, do not mistake it, completely infested with it, and it is all created by the fallen. I actually believe that every false-flag of all time has been encoded in the music, however I've come upon a few major themes pushed within the Dark Speech including Multiple & Singular Tower Destruction. It is not uncommon to find them together. For instance, pre-9/11 media contains Dark Speech primarily for the Twin Towers/Multiple Tower Destruction, yet there are some cases in which pre-9/11 media contains Singular Tower Destruction Dark Speech. and this SINGULAR TOWER happens to be the BIG BEN CLOCK-TOWER! I am the first person in the world to discover and report on the Dark Speech encoding this Big Ben Clock-Tower Destruction ∆ Missile attack on London ∆ July the 12th World War III Scenario. Something else interesting is that through this Linkin Park/Jay-Z assignment I had undergone, it turned out there are multiple towers targeted for destruction (on what was referred to reversed as a "Huge Public Hamburger List" Hamburger = Dead Meat = Dead People) besides the ONE MAIN TOWER the Big Ben Clock-Tower or the "Master Tower," as it is referred to in reverse.

I actually first discovered the term "Dark Speak" in the final (spoken word) track of the first LP [aptly titled "Undertow"] by the band TOOL as I conducted my TOOL REVERSED Series. At the time I discovered it, it hadn't occurred to me how significant it really was, but when I was compiling clips of audio for the video I knew it had to be included. Typically you will hear Dark Speech prefaced with a command or suggestion to "...fulfill this Dark Speech..." It seems likely that there are high-level Illuminati witches that know what they're doing when they utilize the Dark Speech. 

Outside of being told in reverse about the nature of the Dark Speech itself, we don't have much on the subject, and so I actually believe that despite being revealed in reverse to me that the Dark Speech is "siphoned off" from "Hell" and comes from the "Underworld," I actually believe it comes from the Lower Heavens. "Darkrypticist" may sound like a funky name but it's the job title for select fallen angels or some other fallen and demonic beings within this fallen/satanic hierarchy who have been given the task to encode the Dark Speech into this media. I aim to cover the term "Dark Speech" as it is found in non-reverse speech related media in a video at a later time. 

Please stay tuned for updates on this phenomenon. 


There's been a significant amount of information about the Dark Speech revealed to me since FALL 2017, when I finally got this site up. Anyone who's been paying attention from the beginning or just in general can see how there's information that's censored on-screen. I've mentioned how this has to do with the Two but it also has to do with Dark Speech Decoders as well. Satan, the fallen, they know who we are, and that we'd been sent here to decode all of this, at least, I can speak for myself. I will be putting together a more concise timeline of events on my blog site at wordpress along with an accompanying video; the story needs to get out. In the meantime, please check out the latest blog post and my latest vids, to get a better understanding of the story unfolding 

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Sometimes we think we didn't ask to be who we are, to be in the situations we're in, to have been given the gifts, the strengths, the weaknesses ETC that we have, but on another level, some of us may very well have chosen LONG before our corporeal "Earth-forms" were created that we would decide to come here at this time to fulfill a certain role or job description for Yah in these Latter Days. In this case, I never thought I'd ever go so far down the reverse speech rabbit hole that I'd end up discovering satan's Dark Speech, but, in actuality, it turned out that I would be the one to discover and report it to the world the entire time. It's just how Yah (God) works; as a primary source ALL THINGS EMANATE FROM GOD, and so it is with the dragon satan, the Devil, who is known as the "Father of Lies" as called by Yahushuah Himself in John 8:44. Satan and his Darkrypticists encoded Dark Speech as early as 1998 in the opening song to the animated series "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" encoding the destruction of the TWIN TOWERS and also had encoded September 11 Destruction Dark Speech as early as four months before 9/11 in the 3rd song "The Patient" off the 3rd LP "Lateralus" by the band TOOL, proving that significant TRUTH can seriously be extracted in REVERSE of the Devil, the Father of Lies. Not only that, but this specific example further proves that the encoded Dark Speech can also contain details on the DATE and the LOCATION of an event of such magnitude as 9/11. I'd also like to illustrate that I seemingly have been the only person in the entire world since TOOL released Lateralus on May 15th, 2001 to have openly and publicly reported on this "TOOL 9/11 REVERSE SPEECH DARK SPEECH SECRET.

Thanks for stopping by to check out this content. Because of the amazingly strong Illuminati Social-Engineering AKA Generational Mind-Control conducted on Mankind, the general populace imagines there is very little significance to the field of reversing speech. As one of an unknown number of Dark Speech Decoders here on this Earth I'm here to prove to anyone fortunate enough to have discovered my existence that there is encoded Dark Speech placed in all of this Hollywood mainstream music, it's in the opening theme songs to TV shows, and you can be sure it's in the movie scripts as well. Dark Speech will typically ask you/command you to accept the Mark of the Beast 666, besides also informing listeners of  9/11 Crisis-Disasters AKA Illuminati Destruction Rituals. It has been appointed at this time that the people of Earth learn about the Dark Speech! Now if only they'd just listen...


It was Dave Eager of Out of Darkness, Into the Light who once said that the existence/phenomenon of reverse speech most likely has something to do with the Humility of God, and I agree and believe it has to do with Yah being able to set this Creation of His into such perfect order that even in reverse everything can make sense of itself. Dave Eager also holds to the view that our Angelic Counterparts are speaking in our reversed speech, at least some of the time, however, considering this view (which I do by the way) opens up even more questions than offers answers, for instance, we would not be able to ever tell at what point something from our Higher Self was injected into our reverse speech from our forwards speech if we cannot get this information from our Angelic Counterpart directly. For more on Angelic Counterparts, click here

Interestingly, I did find "Dark Speech" mentioned in the Bible in Numbers 12:8 "With him will I speak mouth to mouth, even apparently, and not in dark speeches; and the similitude of the LORD shall he behold: wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?"