The Neurophone ~ Hearing Beyond Normal Auditory Functions


The Neurophone is an Accelerated Learning Device

Modulate information ultrasonically and you can ensure that it has been downloaded for long-term storage in the brain-straight A's anyone? I did a show covering the Neurophone 2 years ago some time after having first acquired the NF-3. The audio is currently playing. 

The Neurophone is a weaponized device

Despite its useful application in boosting your intelligence and capacity to retain and retrieve information, commercial Neurophones for public use certainly have backdoors which can be exploited by unsuspecting users. This is why it is essential to pray against this manipulation, asking Father in Yahushuah's name for a Home-Personal Hyper Turbo Shield of Protection and to block all forms of LRAD, ELF/ELM, all Voice-to-Skull Technology and all forms of mind manipulation-this includes praying against demonic beings and all forms of negative interdimensional presences DAILY.

The Neurophone is the KEY to DECODING REVERSE SPEECH

And who else is telling you this? This is actually the truth of the matter; through the use of Neurophone technology, you are permitted to know what the reverse information is saying more so than anyone else not utilizing Neurophone technology simply because that information has been modulated ultrasonically and picked up by your Ancient Ear, as depicted in the header image, where it is stored long-term in the brain. You are effectively downloading the lyrics ultrasonically and then bringing them forth and into order with your Trained Reverse Speech Ears, which all who are in this field of reverse speech research must have. This has to do with the amount of time spent analyzing reverse speech. Those of you in the field reading this will agree with me that those who disregard reverse speech the most happen to be the exact same people who never even listen to anything backwards at all.


The NEO-Neurophone happens to be the MOST WEAPONIZED NEUROPHONE IN EXISTENCE and I had found this being revealed REVERSED back in 2015 when I ordered mine. Originally retailing at the price of $399 in 2015, after seeing a raise to $444 and then being completely sold-out, the NEO-Neurophone has made its return to the market and pre-order purchases are being accepted; one NEO Neurophone for only $800. What I believe about what's truly going on regarding the inventor Dr. Patrick Flanagan is that he was killed in June 2015 most likely for wanting to speak out about the satanic NEO-Neurophone, and was replaced with a clone, and that now his personality/character and estate is being operated by his wife (the handler) and these two new products the Sensor V (of which I own and wear) and NEO-Neurophone (of which I bought, never used and got rid of) are ultimately being pumped out to make money on their end while pushing satan onto everyone purchasing. The Sensor V, personally, I view as more of a gimmick piece of beautiful art jewelry incorporating a sacred gemetrical form which is inferior to any healing and pyramid power properties in comparison to his 70's model Sensor II & III Energy Medallions. That's just my view, but what I am showing beyond any doubt is that as the Neurophone evolution has progressed, the technology has become more weaponized, and so I hold to the view that the older the Neurophone model you've got, the less weaponized it is. The clarity of ultrasonically modulated information for "enjoyment" such as music has definitely improved in newer units, while sacrificing the potential to unlock more Neuropathways and enhance the mind; the technology has gotten more inferior as time has progressed, purposely, and you cannot acquire these older model Neurophones. As of Fall 2017 Phisciences, Patrick Flanagan's company, is accepting these pre-orders for the updated NEO-NEUROPHONE for the price of $800, and is effectively CORNERING people into ONLY BEING ABLE TO PURCHASE A NEO. It is important to note that the NEO-NEUROPHONE also happens to be the FIRST DIGITAL NEUROPHONE EVER INVENTED, as all previous models have been analog. 

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The Neurophone- An accelerated learning device you probably know nothing about


Johnny Galvan